EC’s Tidbits: Is “Freakin” Really That Cool?



EC has passion and a heart for honoring the Lord. When she gets on her little soapbox, I love to listen to her rant. However, what I hear is wayyyyy more than a rant. I hear wisdom. So, Glitter has a new feature! I’m calling it: “EC’s Tidbits.” Here’s the first installment, and it’s in her very own words. Freakin enjoy it!


Imagine this: You are sitting at your lunch table during school talking about how much you despise math. How would you express your anger? I’ve noticed most peoples say “freakin,” (or even the “other word.”) In the dictionary “freakin” is defined as: “used for emphasis or to express anger or annoyance.”

Now imagine this: pretend that the friend you are talking to is God. Do you think God would want to hear a word like that? In Colossians 4:6 it says “Let your speech be always with grace, and seasoned with salt…” So do you really want God to hear you talk in that way?

Challenge yourself and your friends to break the trend. Because, let’s face it, is “freakin” really that cool?



I think EC is absolutely right. How you speak says a lot about you and your character. To really shine your light, you must “let your speech be always with grace.” Don’t forget: as believers, we show the world what Jesus is like. Gulp. 



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