DIY Squishies


Here’s what you’ll need. You can click on the photos to order!



















Ok. Got your materials? Ready to get started? Here we go:

First, Put on your rubber gloves and get the silicone mold, 2 paper cups and 2 craft sticks ready. Shake up both part “A” and “B” bottles of the flex foam mixtures.


Measure 1 Tbsp of the part “A” mixture and pour it into one of the paper cups. Stir it with a craft stick.


Now measure 2 Tbsp of the part “B” mixture and pour it into a separate paper cup. Stir it with a clean craft stick.


Now be ready to work quickly. Mix the part “A” cup with the part “B” cup and stir only for a moment. Pour a very small amount of the mixture into your silicone molds. You will only be filling each poop emoji cavity 1/4-1/3 full. This amount of mixture will do about 3-4 of the poop emojis. It will look something like this:

2000-01-01 00.05.13

Leave the mold alone! Don’t touch it for at least 12 hours. They should look like this:

2000-01-01 00.00.11

Once your squishies have cured, carefully take them out of the mold. They should look like this:

2000-01-01 00.05.45


Go outside and lay a sheet of wax paper down. Place your naked squishies on the wax paper, and spray paint the top and sides. Leave your squishies alone for a few hours until they are completely dry. Yours will look something like this:

2000-01-01 00.02.40

Once the tops and sides are dry, flip your squishies over and spray paint the bottom. Give your squishies a few more hours to dry. They should look like this:

2000-01-01 00.04.32

Now your ready for the detail work. Use a tiny paint brush and paint white ovals for eyes and a mouth. We like to allow this to dry and apply a second coat of the white. They will look like this:

2000-01-01 00.06.40

Once the second coat of white detailing has dried, add black eye and tongue details for your squishy’s face. Here’s what the black detailing will look like:

2000-01-01 00.07.51

Allow the black detailing to dry and rub a generous amount of the clear glitter fabric paint all over your squishy! This gives her a nice, sparkly finish!


We fell in love with our finished creations! We had too much fun and laughed too hard giving our squishies names and personalities too! Lol.







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