Win Squishy-Making Supplies!

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Wanna win these Squishy-Making Supplies?! Enter our contest! The winner will be announced on Instagram!


Here’s how to enter:

  1. Subscribe to the blog (on a phone or tablet, you can find the spot to subscribe by scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the homepageIMG_0470


2. Vote for your favorite squishy character in the comments below.

3. We will be posting about this contest on Instagram. Tag 3 different friends on at least 1 Squishy-related Instagram post.


Meet the Squishies:

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2018-03-24 12.02.22

Babalu Blue loves to sing and dance. She’s full of spunk and she’s usually the life of the party!


2018-03-24 12.00.41

Bubbles is full of personality. She talks a lot, makes corny jokes and likes everything to be happy and fun.


2018-03-24 12.01.21

Cray-Cray Coral lives life on the edge. She is always ready to take a risk and try something new!


2018-03-24 12.02.31

Tiki is sweet and kind. She is known for putting others first. She’s the kind of friend you want in your squad!


2018-03-24 12.01.52

Tie-dye Tesney is artistic and creative. She’s not afraid to be different and doesn’t mind standing out in a crowd.


2018-03-24 12.01.13

Don’t let Gabby Glow’s subtle appearance fool you. She’s humble, but she shines her light for Jesus even in dark circumstances. (This squishy is glow-in-the-dark)


2018-03-24 12.01.31

Poppy is smart, full of questions, and loves learning new things. Her favorite pastimes are reading and crafting! She’s always ready to try a new DIY.


VOTE for your favorite Squishy in the comments below!

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