What is glitter

LeggHeadshots2017-01Amy Legg created Glitter Tween and Teen  out of a passion for seeing girls sparkle in a dark world. Just like a speck of glitter, beauty is multi-dimensional. It’s so much more that just looking pretty. True shine comes from traits like: confidence, ambition, diligence, grace, resourcefulness, kindness, integrity and even a great sense of style! That’s why  Glitter covers a broad range of topics.

We know that growing up can be hard. The years between being a “little girl” and being an older teen, can feel just plain awkward. But Glitter believes every girl can sparkle, and we’re here to help.




Ava Legg is Amy’s daughter and Glitter’s resident “book worm.” Besides reading, Ava also loves writing stories, playing on a competitive soccer team and taking any opportunity to perform and sing. Ava is incredibly sweet, and cares for others more than herself. She has a heart for Jesus that is simple, child-like and beautiful.

She can be credited for much of the inspiration behind Glitter and helps creatively. She will also begin contributing regular content, such as book recommendations, party planning ideas, outfit inspirations, craft experiments, how-to videos and more!



IMG_0325Emma Claire is a living miracle. Born extremely premature, she had a rough start entering the world, but that hasn’t slowed her down one bit! She is a competitive dancer, in the gifted program at school, active in the student ministry at church, and an “A” student!

“EC,” as she is affectionately nick-named, is truly one of the kindest people you will ever meet. After spending time with her, you can’t help but walk away feeling loved. Her affection for others is only out-weighed by her passion for Jesus. EC’s creativity, flair for style, and originality make her the perfect asset to the Glitter Team!