DIY Squishies


Here’s what you’ll need. You can click on the photos to order!



















Ok. Got your materials? Ready to get started? Here we go:

First, Put on your rubber gloves and get the silicone mold, 2 paper cups and 2 craft sticks ready. Shake up both part “A” and “B” bottles of the flex foam mixtures.


Measure 1 Tbsp of the part “A” mixture and pour it into one of the paper cups. Stir it with a craft stick.


Now measure 2 Tbsp of the part “B” mixture and pour it into a separate paper cup. Stir it with a clean craft stick.


Now be ready to work quickly. Mix the part “A” cup with the part “B” cup and stir only for a moment. Pour a very small amount of the mixture into your silicone molds. You will only be filling each poop emoji cavity 1/4-1/3 full. This amount of mixture will do about 3-4 of the poop emojis. It will look something like this:

2000-01-01 00.05.13

Leave the mold alone! Don’t touch it for at least 12 hours. They should look like this:

2000-01-01 00.00.11

Once your squishies have cured, carefully take them out of the mold. They should look like this:

2000-01-01 00.05.45


Go outside and lay a sheet of wax paper down. Place your naked squishies on the wax paper, and spray paint the top and sides. Leave your squishies alone for a few hours until they are completely dry. Yours will look something like this:

2000-01-01 00.02.40

Once the tops and sides are dry, flip your squishies over and spray paint the bottom. Give your squishies a few more hours to dry. They should look like this:

2000-01-01 00.04.32

Now your ready for the detail work. Use a tiny paint brush and paint white ovals for eyes and a mouth. We like to allow this to dry and apply a second coat of the white. They will look like this:

2000-01-01 00.06.40

Once the second coat of white detailing has dried, add black eye and tongue details for your squishy’s face. Here’s what the black detailing will look like:

2000-01-01 00.07.51

Allow the black detailing to dry and rub a generous amount of the clear glitter fabric paint all over your squishy! This gives her a nice, sparkly finish!


We fell in love with our finished creations! We had too much fun and laughed too hard giving our squishies names and personalities too! Lol.







Winter Favorite Things Giveaway


winter giveaway.JPG


Before we say “goodbye” to winter, we hand-picked some of our favorite items of the season for a fun reader giveaway!


Don’t worry, if you aren’t the lucky winner. We’ve got you! We shared links!


Our first pick is the light box! How fun are these, ya’ll!? Every bedroom deserves a little lit-up inspiration, right? We bought ours from Target, but fell in love with this one from Amazon. It has colored emoji tiles!!!! Eeek!

We admit….we are a little obsessed with cute water bottles. We loved the look of this marble Swell bottle as soon as we laid eyes on it! They come in two sizes. The one in our giveaway is the larger size, but it’s a bit pricey! If you want the look without the investment, get the smaller one! The link here is for the more petite, wallet-friendly version!

We have fallen in LOVE with music artist Hollyn. Her lyrics are on-point and the music is just fun, fun, fun! We’ve danced in the car to Can’t Live Without You many times this season!

Next up…scrunchies. What can we say about scrunchies? Mrs. Amy has had a difficult time embracing this hair accessory come-back from the 90’s, but the trend is here! So, why not have an adorable blush-colored, fuzzy one! We found ours at Urban Outfitters, but found this one at a much better price!

Who doesn’t love Essie nail polish? We chose the color “Mademoiselle.” We love that it’s pink, but not too pink. It is the perfect finish for a natural look!

This was the winter of beanies, right?! Didn’t we all just wish for a beautiful snow day, so we could snap a pic in our pom-pom beanies?! Lol.

We are head-over heels for the “Amazing Grace” products by Philosophy. The scent is light, fresh and feminine.

We get a kick out of anything with critter faces! The soft, fuzzy tall socks we found at Target are perfect for chilly nights, but we’ll be caught in these year-round!

We’ve shared the link here:


Lastly, we love finding hand-made products, and these “diamond” earrings by CaramelaHandmade are absolutely fun and adorable!

Here’s the link to the Etsy shop:


To enter to win the giveaway:

  1. Follow us on Instagram @glittertweenandteen
  2. Tag 3 friends in the comments of the Winter Giveaway post.

We will draw the winner on Monday, February 26 and private Instagram message that person. They will have 24 hours to respond before we draw again.